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Nature Studies at Your School

Nature Studies at Your School

Maximum class size: 30 students
Program fee: $125 for first class; $105 for each additional class
Seasons offered: Winter

Bring Wave Hill to your school! Book a Wave Hill program for your class or, better yet, multiple classes. Programs are available December through March only, for schools within an hour’s distance of Wave Hill.

  • Winged Wonders for Pre-K and K

    Grades: Pre-K and KLength of program: 1 hourProgram Details ›

    Sing like an oriole! Flap your wings like a hummingbird! Through the creative use of song, movement and story, along with scientific observation of feathers and feet, this modified program is developmentally appropriate for young students while still offering
    great science content about the world of birds.

  • Winged Wonders

    Grades: 1 through 5Length of program: 1 1/2 hoursProgram Details ›

    What makes a bird a bird? Which characteristics help us to indentify different species of
    birds? Students examine a range of bird objects and artifacts to learn about the different adaptations and behaviors that help our avian friends survive and thrive. They then play a game that tests their new-found knowledge about birds.

    Download the Winged Wonders Extension (PDF)

  • Winter Adaptations

    Grades: 1 through 5Length of program: 1 1/2 hoursProgram Details ›

    Winter can be challenging for plants and animals. In order to survive, each must have a special strategy. Discover who sleeps their way through, who flies to warmer climes and who simply lays low. Through guided discussion and exploration of touch objects, students explore different coping strategies, and then apply this knowledge in games, creative writing and art.

School Programs are generously supported by the Bay and Paul Foundations, Con Edison and the Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation.  Additional support is provided by the Pinkerton Foundation and the Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums Grant Program administered by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Sustaining support for Wave Hill’s educational programming is provided by the Sally and Gilbert Kerlin Endowment Fund at Wave Hill for Environmental Science and Nature Education.