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Matthew Friday

Field Notes
Glyndor Gallery | September 15–November 29, 2015


Pictured above: Matthew Friday, Hydrographic Apparatus2010–present, mobile water testing and painting studio. Courtesy of the artist.

With Space as Substance: Beyond the Scenic Hudson, Matthew Friday relocates a mobile and modular research station that contains a variety of cartographic and scientific instruments. Operating as a provisional laboratory, camping platform, library and exhibition installation, the piece will include a portable, pigment-processing mill powered by the prototype for a 19th-century solar engine. Set up as a diorama, the research station’s equipment will be demonstrated at two Wave Hill art projects—one for families, the other for adults—this fall. Friday will also use locally sourced dyes to create a diagrammatic wall map of the lower Hudson Valley, indicating sources of pollution, species migration, geological and meteorological transformation as well as ongoing and potential responses to these issues. He will present an archive of documentation from groups that are confronting the changes happening along the Hudson River. It will include preserved flora, fauna and man-made artifacts gathered from the watershed, as well as blackboards to solicit interaction with visitors, allowing them to share their perspectives and experiences.

Matthew Friday works across a variety of media, contexts and institutions, focusing on organized labor, community agriculture and watershed remediation. Friday has exhibited in a number of venues, including Exit Art, New York, NY; the University of Buffalo Art Department Gallery; the Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA; 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA; the University of Rochester Art Gallery; the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts; the Center for Contemporary Arts in St. Louis; and Spaces, Cleveland, OH. Friday studied at the Slade School of Art, the University of New Mexico and the Whitney Independent Study Program. He has an MFA from Indiana State University. A committed educator, he is the graduate coordinator and associate professor of critical studies for the Art Department at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Funding for Matthew Friday’s project has been made possible by the Puffin Foundation Ltd. 

Locally sourced pigments, specimens, plant-pulp papers, in Matthew Friday’s Space as Substance: Beyond the Scenic Hudson, 2015. Photo: Stefan Hagen. 

Matthew Friday in Glyndor Gallery during installation of Field Notes.

Pure Color of the Hudson (after Rodchenko) Remediated polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) mud obtained from General Electric dredging site, processed waste coal from power plants in the Hudson Valley on Sintra, in Matthew Friday’s Space as Substance: Beyond the Scenic Hudson, 2015. Photo: Stefan Hagen.

The Fresnel lens in Matthew Friday’s Space as Substance: Beyond the Scenic Hudson, 2015. Photo: Stefan Hagen.


Click here for more information about the artist.  Also read what Suzaan Boettger wrote about Matthew Friday's installation in Field Notes—"a strong example of current environmentalist art thinking and facture"—in a recent article in the Brooklyn Rail.



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