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Beth Ganz: Up Close and Far Away

July 16 - December 17, 2017
Wave Hill House

Beth Ganz: Up Close and Far Away
Wave Hill House | July 16- December 29


Pictured above: Grid 3, 2015. Oil on paper mounted on panel. 55” x 74”. Courtesy of the artist and CYNTHIA-REEVES, NY, NY. 


Beth Ganz reinterprets landscape through a process of abstraction and digital production. Up Close and Far Away reveals two distinct perspectives: an aerial view sourced from Google Earth, which is evident in her Grids series, and an intimate, close up portrayal, as exhibited by her Spanish Moss Toiles. Ganz describes her process as a “profound interconnection within the types of beauty, orderliness and harmony that emerge in each form. This intuition of unity affects my approach to materials, leading me to abandon the conventional categorizations of media in favor of an approach that moves fluidly between painting, printmaking, photography and drawing.”Ganz’s depth of line, repetitive imagery and photographic abstraction reveal the poetic structure of landscape forms. Her Spanish Moss and Live Oak Toiles echo the romantic, intimate sentiments of Wave Hill’s grounds. Her alluring landscapes are often overlaid with patterns from domestic trappings, bringing together the natural and the stylized. The Mountains series offers an abstracted interpretation of rock formations and geological strata. Her work combines the fluidity of form with the structure of geometry.

Beth Ganz was born in Jersey City, NJ, and received a BFA from Pratt Institute. She is a longtime member of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and an instructor at Manhattan Graphics Center where she teaches photogravure and other intaglio methods. Her recent solo shows include Atlas Project at CYNTHIA-REEVES, awarded Critic’s Pick by The Boston Globe, and High Latitude at AFP Gallery. Her work is represented by CYNTHIA-REEVES gallery. Learn more: www.bethganz.com & www.wavehill.org/arts

Pictured above: Spanish Toile 7, 2010. Digital pigment print on kozo shi, wallpaper, wax. 30” x 74”. Courtesy of the artist and CYNTHIA-REEVES, NY, NY. 


Pictured above: Mountains 1, 2015. Sugar lift aquatint etching. 16 1/2"  x 17 ¾". Courtesy of the artist and CYNTHIA-REEVES, NY, NY. 


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