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Wennie Huang & Ed Go: Third Mind

September 13, 2016 - February 26, 2017
Wave Hill House

Pictured above: Untitled (Skull Series 16 of 18 / Octogenera), 2011. Pen on paper. 8 x 8 inches.

In the summer of 2008, Wennie Huang and Ed Go began a series of creative exchanges between poetic word and images. The pencil and ink drawings, etchings, pointillist inscription and pierced paper capture whimsical intimacies amongst the authors, their images, texts and transitioning storylines. Referencing the 1960-1973 project, The Third Mind, a collaboration between writer William S. Burroughs and artist/writer Brion Gysin, they cut-up and rearranged fictional essays and drawings to take on new narrative forms. Huang and Go emulate these interactive techniques, similarly activating a third space. At times, Go’s poems take on rhythmic dancing forms, while Huang’s images embody typographic structural qualities. Go and Huang form organic connections using anthropomorphic texts, as in the octopus shape depicted as “omnipotent, generative, obstinate” on the front of this card. This wordplay accompanies a stream of consciousness that flows onto the proceeding works. The conversational series is recorded in forms of food recipes, deconstructed plant and animal taxonomies, politicized gender interactions and other discourses. This ongoing collaboration captures almost a decade worth of entangled partial truths, socio-historical disruptions, and idiosyncrasies all conveyed on paper.                               

Wennie Huang has contributed to Wave Hill artistically since 2003. Her work was first included in Permeable Boundaries in Glyndor Gallery and again in Celebrating Winter Through Nature in Wave Hill House in 2006.  She has also exhibited at Ameritas Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria, Gowanus Studio Space, Brooklyn, NY; Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, North Salem, NY, Concordia College, Bronxville, NY, among other places. Her permanent commission adorns the exterior wall on PS/IS 263 on 204th Street and Sherman Avenue in Inwood. She earned her MFA in printmaking from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and her BFA in painting from Pratt Institute.

Ed Go’s writing has appeared in various print and online journals including Underground Voices, The Canary, Brooklyn Review, Poets on the Great Recession, In Between Altered States, Busk, Bastards & Whores, Boston Poet Journal: Bad-Ass Edition, Breadcrumbs Scabs, and Hinchas de Poesias, among others. In 2007, he co-founded Other Rooms Press and is the co-editor of the Other Rooms Online Poetry Journal. His chapbook Deleted Scenes from the Autobiography of Ed Go as told by Napoleon Id was published by Other Rooms in 2014.



Pictured above: Untitled (Black Swan), 2014. Colored pencil, watercolor and inkjet on paper. 8 x 8 inches.

Pictured above: Untitled (Six drawings), 2011. Pen on paper. 8" x 8".

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