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MG 7921
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Family Art Project: Imagined Landscapes

  • On-site
Meet at Conifer Slope
MG 7921

How have the landscapes in which you've spent time in shaped who you are? How have you shaped how the landscape is? Imagination is one of our greatest tools for transformation. Use yours to recall landscapes that hold special meaning for you to create fantasy-filled lands of parts of nature that you hold most dear. Use collage of natural and upcycled material to create detailed landscapes you imagine for our future or create abstract landscapes through mono-printing to capture how landscape ignites your most wild imaginings. Earth Day event.

  • The number of families able to participate at any given time will be limited to about five. If you arrive and capacity is full, program staff will provide a “come back” card so you will have first entry for the next session.
  • Shine only. Check the website starting at 8AM morning of, for the status of the day’s program.
  • Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and to work with natural materials.
  • Have your masks on when you arrive! And please be prepared to respect physical distancing throughout your stay.
  • The location will be the Conifer Slope, just to the right of, and below, Wave Hill House. Please enter from the paved roadway that runs along the front of Wave Hill House, then cross the lawn leading down to the Conifer Slope. Staff will greet you there!
  • Throughout the program, staff will follow strict cleaning and physical distancing protocols to be sure that all materials and surfaces are safe for you to use.
  • The Conifer Slope is on a grassy hill. If getting there will be difficult for you or any family member, please contact Mallory Muya, our Arts Program Coordinator, at We want to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

Most important: Please come prepared to relax and connect fully with the beauty and serenity of Wave Hill in spring!

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