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20170205 Wave Hill Owl 0886
  • Families

Family Art Project: Symbiosis Scenes

  • On-site
Kerlin Learning Center - Wave Hill House
Free with admission to the grounds
20170205 Wave Hill Owl 0886
Photo: Joshua Bright

Symbiosis is everywhere in nature. Create a diorama to highlight your favorite plant or animal partnerships.

Please note the following important COVID-related information to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Approximately nine families will be able to participate at a time, based on the time each family arrives.
  • If capacity is full when you arrive, we will provide a “come back” card so you will have first entry for the next session.
  • Each family will receive its own set of materials and cleaning will happen in between seating participants.
  • Unvaccinated visitors will be asked to wear a mask inside.

Registration not required.

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