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AAADT in Alvin Aileys Revelations at Wave Hill Public Garden Cultural Center Photo by Nicole Tintle2

Performing Arts

Wave Hill’s year-round performances focus on creating a diverse and innovative series in an extraordinary environment. Hosted in multiple locations indoors and outdoors, the exquisite scenery creates inspiring and thought-provoking experiences for artists and audiences.

Upcoming Performing Arts

Armor Hall exterior

Concert: Sinfonietta of Riverdale

Attacca Quartet by David Goddard

Carnegie Hall Citywide: Attacca Quartet

04 11 2022 Music from the Sole Titus Ogilvie Laing 0333

Sunset Wednesdays: Music From The Sole

Django tatiana chien 1

Sunset Wednesdays: Tatiana Eva-Marie

Nella Doce Margaritas 2 CR Alessandro Martino

Sunset Wednesdays: Nella

Los Hacheros BW1

Sunset Wednesdays: Los Hacheros

Images uploads gallery SAMARAJOY SHOT2 121 c Meredith Truax scaled

Summer Evening with Samara Joy

Past  Performing Arts