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Summer flower garden


Beauty Resplendent in Wave Hill's Gardens

Drop in to our Horticultural Lecture Series and explore the gardens with our talented gardeners.


Garden Journal

Ready to dig a little deeper? Our Garden Journal offers portraits of individual plants in season, together with a broader perspective that helps illuminate the aesthetics that...

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Elm tree giving tue

The Great Trees of Wave Hill

Join us online for a virtual garden walk spotlighting some of Wave Hill’s great trees. The gardens of Wave Hill include some of the largest and most unusual trees in all of New York City. A few even pre-date the establishment of Wave Hill as an estate in the 1840s.

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Laburnum arch 1 1

2021 Horticultural Lectures

Wave Hill’s 2021 Horticultural Lecture Series starts and ends at great English gardens, both with plantings of modern sensibility and a strong emphasis on encouraging biodiversity.

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