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Visual Arts

Virtual Arts at Wave Hill

Dive into conversations with artists who are engaged with nature.

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Eco-Urgency: Artists Make the Case is an online exhibition and a weekly series of screenings, nature walks, foraging tips, and conversations with artists, curators and scientists, all focused on critical issues affecting ecosystems and biodiversity. Planning for the exhibition took place as Covid-19 was first reported and then started to spread. The parallels between the ecological issues addressed by the artists and injustices made apparent during the global pandemic as well as the recognition of systemic racism in our society, adds a powerful urgency to presenting this work.

Schedule: Tuesdays at noon June 23 - August 18 at links below:

VSVN x Wave Hill Collaboration

VSVN x WaveHill is a ten day collaboration starting on May 10, 2020 between Virtual Studio Visit Network and Wave Hill. Over the course of these ten days, ten of Wave Hill’s Winter Workspace 2020 artists will lead an online studio visit, sharing bits of their practice in a casual show and tell format. VSVN x Wave Hill came out of a conversation with future Sunroom Project Space artist Gracelee Lawrence who started the Virtual Studio Visit Network in 2016. Click here for more information about VSVN x Wave Hill.

Meet the Artist: Zac Skinner

Wave Hill 2020 Sunroom Project Space artist Zac Skinner's installation of paintings and sculptures will open this fall. He explores ecological history, the Anthropocene and a dystopic future—all consequences of land and water pollution, industry and other threats that have caused the displacement of vulnerable individuals and entire ecosystems. Skinner has been collecting trash along the Hudson River, some of which will be used in his installation.

Returning to the Source Virtual Catalog

Returning to the Source was originally on view in Wave Hill House from January 19 to March 29, 2020. Returning to the Source closed early, on March 18, due to the outbreak of COVID-19. You can visit this show virtually by viewing this catalogue that includes all the artwork in the exhibition.

Returning to the Source celebrates ten years of Wave Hill's Winter Workspace Program and features 30 artists who capture the spirit of the Workspace.

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