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Pines in snow

Winter at Wave Hill

Red in winter
Igiri Tree

Let it Snow!

The beauty of Wave Hill is sharply defined in wintertime. And when it snows, peace and quiet spread throughout the garden.

The Conservatory is a sanctuary this time of year with its fragrant flowers, splashes of intense color and enveloping warmth. Don't miss winter garden walks on Sundays at 2PM. And this year, we have a wonderful new Winter Walk Series with our horticultural interpreter.

We are offering lots to do outdoors this season—Winter Birding, Forest Bathing and many walks. Indoors, we have an Art Workshop, Winter Workspace studio drop-ins and the Family Art Project. And don't miss our annual Horticultural Lecture Series, which begins January 19.

Shades of Winter

The winter garden is very much alive. If you are in search of color, we know exactly where to send you—some spots are obvious, others a little more hidden.

Wave Hill Winter Walks in the Conservatory credit joshua bright
Wave Hill Conservatory credit Wave Hill 4
Wave Hill Conservatory credit Wave Hill 2

The Conservatory

Step inside and be wrapped in the wonderful warmth of the Conservatory with its welcome combination of color and fragrance. On the right, the Cactus and Succulent House displays plump and spiny plants from arid regions of the world. On the left, the steamy Tropical House hosts ferns, bromeliads, rainforest cacti and other tender plants.

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Scraggly pine
Cardinal puff
Conifer sweep

Conifer Slope

This magnificent collection of cone-bearing plants was chosen for their attractive habits and colorful foliage. Mature Norway spruces, probably planted a century ago, create a backdrop for a tapestry of blue, green, gray and gold foliage.

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Wave Hill Alpine Garden credit Wave Hill 4
Wave Hill Alpine Garden credit Wave Hill
Wave Hill Alpine Garden credit Wave Hill 5

Alpine House

Diminutive rock garden plants thrive in the Alpine House. Evergreen boughs protect plants in outdoor troughs from drying winter winds. Early-blooming alpines make their appearance in February.

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Winter Program Highlights

Conservatory in Winter
  • Talks + Tours

2022 Horticultural Lecture Series

An ongoing, annual series, Wave Hill’s Horticultural Lectures are devoted to garden design and the meaning of our interactions with plants and the natural world.

2022 hort lecturers
2017 12 11 26311 Wave Hill
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Winter Walks Series: Structures in the Garden–Alive or Not

In the depths of winter, the “bones” of the garden become apparent. Bed edges are revealed, walls and trellises have shaken off their vines and hedges stand tall and prominent.

Blanka IMG 3831
  • Art
  • Workshops + Demos

Art Workshop: Papel Picado: A Winter Workspace Workshop with Blanka Amezkua

Explore the work of Latinx Winter Workspace artist Blanka Amezkua and traditional papel picado, a folk art of Mexico that involves cut paper.

Winter2020 Winter Birding Wave Hill
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Winter Birding

The Hudson River Valley hosts an impressive diversity of bird species, even during the winter months. Explore Wave Hill’s tranquil gardens and woodlands with naturalists Kellye...

Visit Winter Workspace Artists

The Winter Workspace artists are busy! Stop by to meet them and see their creations in Glyndor Gallery—Sun, Feb 6 & 13 from 1:00 to 3:00PM. And don't miss Open Studios on Sun, Feb 26 from 1:00 to 3:30PM.