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Professional Development

Professional Development Events

Chancellor's Day, Thursday, June 7, 2018
Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Registration required for all programs; please call 718.549.3200 x237 to register.

Chancellor's Day Event

Event Fee: $35 per person

Educator  Welcome and Morning Session

Welcome to Wave Hill! Experience a window into the natural world at Wave Hill with some teaching tips and techniques, all while enjoying our beautiful garden landscape. Learn ways to use the grounds of Wave Hill, and other public gardens and parks, as an extension of classroom learning. Explore strategies for developing realistic and effective practices for teaching science and other curricular areas of environmental education.

Lunch Break

You may purchase lunch in The Café, or enjoy your own lunch in our outdoor picnic area.


Afternoon Workshops
1PM–3 PM

Participate in one of three workshops. Each workshop will provide a unique learning experience that delves into content and appropriate pedagogy while utilizing different entry points for deeper learning in education

  • Investigating Decomposers (recommended for Grades 6-8)

Have you ever turned over a rock or lifted a pile of leaf litter to find some interesting critters? Pillbugs, worms, and insects are all macroinvertebrate animals that support Wave Hill’s woodland ecosystem as decomposers. In this workshop, participants will conduct hands-on explorations into the world of decomposers, identifying and surveying invertebrates. We will then reflect on our experience, connect it to the NGSS Science Practices, and discuss classroom applications.

  • Totally Trees (recommended for Grades K-5)

Trees are all around us, whether in street plantings or parks, and they offer great, standards-aligned ways to learn about science and connect with our natural neighbors. In this workshop, we will help you learn to identify local trees and incorporate them into your curriculum to teach about seasons, local ecology, and more. We will also share insights from Wave Hill’s myriad of programs on trees for visiting groups and partner schools.

  • Hand-Papermaking in the Classroom (recommended for Grades K-5)

This workshop offers teachers an introduction to hand-papermaking in the classroom. Through hands-on experiences, teachers will learn what materials are needed and how to set up a papermaking station in the classroom. Learn strategies for integrating this process-driven activity into basic disciplines of science, math, social studies, language arts, and the visual arts, including painting, drawing and sculpture. Each participant will receive instructions, a bibliography and a list of suppliers.


Election Day 2018 workshops will be announced in the summer of 2018. Email schoolvisits@wavehill.org to receive email updates.


For School Administrators

Wave Hill offers workshops and full-day learning opportunities. Administrators can select programs on interactive nature exploration (K–6), nature-based art for elementary science instruction (K–5), the interplay between humans and our environment (6–12) and ecology and restoration (K–12). Custom programs and trainings at your site are also available.