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Professional Learning

Election Day Professional Learning Event
November 6, 2018

Registration required for all programs;
please call 718.549.3200 x237 to register.
Event Fee: $65 per person; 20% discount for teachers in Title I Schools
Time: 10AM – 3PM  
Educator Welcome and Morning Session

The day begins with an exploration of Wave Hill’s grounds, and activities and discussion around learning and teaching. Activate your senses in the garden and engage with the history of the Palisades as we examine the relationship between place-based learning and mindfulness practices. Challenge each other as we discover methods for integrating these practices into our classrooms and explore the benefits of doing so.

Lunch Break

You may purchase lunch in The Café, or bring your own to enjoy in our outdoor picnic area.

Afternoon Workshops
1PM–3 PM

Participate in one of two workshops. Each workshop will provide a unique learning experience that delves into content and appropriate pedagogy while utilizing different entry points for deeper learning in education.

Bringing the Outdoors into Your Classroom (recommended for K-5)

Place-based learning does not have to mean complicated field trips or excursions. In this workshop, we explore how object-based learning (OBL) can bring into the classroom a sense of place and connection to the outdoors. By using familiar items and neighborhood structures, educators can cultivate the natural affinity children have for their surroundings and empower them to engage in scientific inquiry. In this workshop, educators learn more about the research behind OBL, and develop easy ways to incorporate these practices into the classroom.

This workshop is for you if:

  1. You want to incorporate more hands-on experiences in your classroom.
  2. You are looking for ways to encourage higher-level thinking and help your students grasp complex concepts.
  3. You often lack the resources for field trips but are still invested in providing opportunities for students to connect with the environment around them.
Addressing Life Science Misconceptions (recommended for 6-12)

This workshop will unpack misconceptions that middle and high school students often develop about the life sciences. We will address the cultural and educational influences underlying such misconceptions, and discuss strategies for overcoming these obstacles. The session will include formative assessment techniques and mindfulness exercises that can be easily introduced into classrooms to help guide students towards a more comprehensive understanding of science.  

This workshop is for you if:

  1. You want to identify some of the common misconceptions your students may have about the life sciences.
  2. You would like to learn more about how personal experience shapes the way students grasp science concepts.
  3. You are interested in acquiring tools and techniques that will help your students attain a more accurate and deeper understanding of science.

The Chancellor’s Day 2019 workshop will be announced in the winter of 2019. Email schoolvisits@wavehill.org to receive email updates.


For School Administrators

Wave Hill offers workshops and full-day learning opportunities. Administrators can select programs on interactive nature exploration (K–6), nature-based art for elementary science instruction (K–5), the interplay between humans and our environment (6–12) and ecology and restoration (K–12). Custom programs and trainings at your site are also available.