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Professional Learning

Chancellor’s Day Professional Learning Event
June 6, 2019

Registration required for all programs;
please call 718.549.3200 x237 to register.

Event Fee: $65 per person; 20% discount for teachers in Title I Schools
Time: 10AM – 3PM 

Educator Welcome and Morning Session

As our understanding of science grows in richness and complexity, so too do opportunities for misunderstanding and miscommunication. In this session, discover methods to help your class navigate this narrative and move forward as active participants in the learning conversation. Consider means of building metacognition and connecting abstract concepts to lived experience. Learn methods to access and assess prior knowledge to create an inquiry-based, student-led culture in which new ideas can thrive.

Lunch Break

You may purchase lunch in The Café, or bring your own to enjoy in our outdoor picnic area.

Afternoon Workshops
1PM–3 PM

Participate in one of two workshops. Each workshop will provide a unique learning experience that delves into content and appropriate pedagogy while utilizing different entry points for deeper learning in education.

Climate Change in our Community (recommended for K-5)

We have all heard stories of melting Arctic ice or tropical deforestation, but such concepts are challenging for students, especially elementary students, to care about or feel connected to. In this session, we will discuss ways that climate change is affecting New York City and its residents here and now. By connecting their experience of climate change to the people and places they know well, students of all ages can grasp a complex concept in a grounding way. Through hands-on activities and reflections on our own encounters with environmental change, we will develop engaging lessons that not only teach children about the transformations happening around them but also empower them to find creative solutions to care for their community.

Climate Change for the Classroom (recommended for 6-12)

Discover the dynamic and interrelated components of the climate system and ways to integrate climate change science into your classroom using project-based methodologies. Engage in hands-on activities and lively group discussions to explore how and why climate has changed, how scientists make predictions about future climate, and why current climate cycles are different from those that occurred in the past. Then, apply this newfound knowledge in the design of a project for your students to undertake in furtherance of their understanding of climate change and its impacts. Throughout the session we will discuss pedagogically appropriate practices, standards alignments, and educational resources, including publically available datasets and established citizen science projects, which you can integrate into your classroom teaching.


Election Day 2019 workshop will be announced in the summer of 2019. Email schoolvisits@wavehill.org to receive email updates.



For School Administrators

Wave Hill offers workshops and full-day learning opportunities. Administrators can select programs on interactive nature exploration (K–6), nature-based art for elementary science instruction (K–5), the interplay between humans and our environment (6–12) and ecology and restoration (K–12). Custom programs and trainings at your site are also available.