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Middle and High School (Grades 6-12)

Middle and High School (Grades 6-12)

Time: 10–11:30AM
Maximum class size: 30 students
Program fee: $150; 20% discount for Title I Schools
Pre-registration is required.

Through outdoor exploration, data collection and hands-on fieldwork, students begin to develop an understanding of some of the pressing issues facing our urban woodlands. Participation in a real work project allows students to contribute to ongoing efforts to help restore ecological balance to Wave Hill’s woodlands. 

  • People and the Palisades: A Geological Journey

    Seasons offered: Fall and SpringProgram Details ›

    How did our landscape come to be the way it is, and what role do people play within it? Explore the origins of the Palisades and other local natural features in geological time, learn about the dynamic processes that formed them, and discover their uses. In this interdisciplinary program combining geology and social studies, students will apply what they learn in an engaging dramatization of the effort to preserve the Palisades.

  • Woodland Ecology in the City

    Seasons offered: Fall and SpringProgram Details ›

    Learn about woodland ecology and the dynamic forces that keep a woodland ecosystem healthy, such as succession, decomposition and regeneration. Explore how ecologists and naturalists collect and analyze data in order to understand how ecosystems change over time. Students explore Wave Hill’s woodland, and collect and analyze data to help us understand the health of this ecosystem.

    Download the Woodland Ecology in the City Extension (PDF)

  • Drawn to Nature

    Seasons offered: Fall and SpringProgram Details ›

    In this program for budding artists and naturalists, students create simple journals and use them to look closely at the natural world. Through art and writing exercises, students develop their observational and descriptive language skills as they connect with Wave Hill’s inspiring gardens and woodlands.

  • Self-Guided Nature Walk

    Max. class size: 30 studentsFee: $40 per class; 20% discount for Title I Schools Pre-registration is required.Program Details ›

    Guide your class on an independent exploration of Wave Hill's gardens and grounds. Prepare for your visit by downloading the attached PDF. It offers guidelines, as well as two activities for your class to enjoy.

    Download Self-Guided School Visits to Wave Hill Catalog (PDF)

Wave Hill's school programs are generously supported by the Barker Welfare Foundation; Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation; Con Edison; The Hearst Foundations; New York State Education Department; and Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust. Sustaining support for Wave Hill’s Educational Programming is provided by the Sally and Gilbert Kerlin Endowment Fund at Wave Hill for Environmental Science and Nature Education.