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Nature Studies

Nature Studies

Max. class size: 30 students
Fee: $125

An experienced educator leads your class in outdoor exploration and hands-on activities that help students at all levels make meaningful connections to the environment. Content and activities are skillfully tailored to complement the developmental and academic abilities of your class.

  • Walk for the Senses

    Grades: Pre-K though 2Seasons offered: Fall and SpringProgram Details ›

    We experience the natural world with the tools we have at hand—our senses. This program is a feast for the senses as we tour the grounds, discovering new sights, sounds, smells and textures. Students exercise these different senses by creating sound-quilts, exploring plants with their noses and more.

    Download the Walk for the Senses Extension (PDF)

  • Totally Trees

    Grades: K through 2Seasons offered: Fall and SpringProgram Details ›

    Wave Hill boasts a collection of extraordinary, stately and old trees. Through observation and inquiry, students discover how trees grow by exploring a tree’s parts and the role each part plays in a tree’s life cycle. With trees as their inspiration, students create their own unique design projects.

    Download the Totally Trees Extension (PDF)

  • Seeds We Need

    Grades: K through 2Seasons offered: Fall and SpringAlso available as a two-session program for Pre-KProgram Details ›

    Seeds span an amazing range of sizes, shapes and forms. Using simple scientific observation and physical exploration, students discover the nature of seeds, their role in the cycle of life and the interesting ways they have adapted to their environments. Students dissect seeds to learn about their make-up and then create their own unique seed mosaic.

    Download the Seeds We Need Extension (PDF)

  • Avian Adventures

    Grades: K through 5Seasons offered: Fall and SpringAlso available as an in-classroom program.Also available as a two-session program for Pre-K.Program Details ›

    In this lively program, students go bird-watching, using binoculars to closely observe birds. They investigate feathers, feet and skulls to discover how different adaptations help birds thrive in their special niches. A hands-on art project reinforces the experience of this avian adventure.

    Download the Avian Adventures Extension (PDF)

  • Pollination Pals

    Grades: 2 through 5Seasons offered: Fall and SpringProgram Details ›

    Visit Wave Hill’s gardens and beehives to discover the partnerships between plants and their pollinators. Students observe honeybee specimens and live pollinators at work, and then explore the gardens to find flowers that attract different pollinators. After learning about the harvesting of bee products at the beehives, students use beeswax to create a mixed-media project.

    Download the Pollination Pals Extension (PDF)

  • Trees and Ecology

    Grades: 3 through 5Seasons offered: Fall and SpringAlso available as an in-classroom program.Program Details ›

    Join us for a creative adventure into the ecology and adaptations of trees. Students explore how trees have adapted to survive and thrive in their environments, and how they interact with and affect the ecosystems in which they live. This lesson includes object observation, forest exploration and, weather permitting, a plein-air drawing project.

    Download the Trees and Ecology Extension (PDF)

  • Wacky Weather

    Grades: 3 through 5Seasons offered: Fall, Winter and SpringSpecial Winter price: $105Program Details ›

    In this dynamic program, students act as meteorologists, using observation skills and scientific instruments to track weather phenomena. They make a cloud, measure wind and create an experimental crystal painting that transforms before their eyes.

    Download the Wacky Weather Extension (PDF)

  • Amazing Mammals

    Grades: 3 through 5Seasons offered: Fall, SpringProgram Details ›

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at urban wildlife while discovering ecology, animal adaptations and the mammals of the New York metropolitan region. After visiting animal habitats and learning about the many wildlife species that call NYC home—including coyotes!—students analyze data from digital “camera traps.” 

Wave Hill's school programs are generously supported by the Barker Welfare Foundation, Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Con Edison, and the New York State Education Department. Sustaining support for Wave Hill’s Educational Programming is provided by the Sally and Gilbert Kerlin Endowment Fund at Wave Hill for Environmental Science and Nature Education.