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Virtual Field Trips-Credit Wave Hill

Virtual Field Trips

Learn with Wave Hill

Engage your students with live, interactive education programs that foster connections with the natural world. Each program integrates videos and images of the gardens that reinforce the program material and allow students to experience Wave Hill from the classroom or home.

These programs are available to school classes, enrichment programs and homeschool groups. Parents can also reserve programs for their children and a group of their peers, as long as there are at least five participants in the group.

Length of programs: 45 minutes
Maximum class size: 30 students
Program fee: $100; 20% discount for Title I schools; 10% for Members


All groups require reservations in advance. To make a reservation, contact:

Seeds We Need

Recommended for grades K-2

Students are introduced to seeds, why they are important and what they need to grow, using interactive activities. Videos and images of Wave Hill’s gardens invite investigation of the many different shapes and sizes of seeds and the plants they come from.

Avian Adventures

Recommended for grades K-5

In this lively program, students explore the behaviors and adaptations of New York City birds. They investigate feathers, skulls and beaks to discover how each helps birds thrive in their niches. Body movement and self-expression reinforce the experience of this avian adventure.

Totally Trees

Recommended for grades K-5

Wave Hill boasts a collection of extraordinary, stately and very old trees. Through observation and inquiry using video and images of Wave Hill’s trees, students are introduced to some of our most treasured specimens. They discover how trees grow by exploring a tree’s parts and the role each part plays in a tree’s life cycle.

Amazing Mammals

Recommended for grades 3-8

Get a behind-the-scenes look at urban wildlife while discovering ecology, animal adaptations and the mammals of the New York metropolitan region. After learning about key differences between various local mammals and their unique adaptations, students explore their woodland habitat and analyze data from camera traps to see what kinds of mammalian visitors call Wave Hill home.

Urban Forest Ecology: Mammal Edition

Free STEM Days Out Program

Recommended for grades 6-8
1.5 hour virtual program + extension materials

Through a partnership with Con Edison, we are offering this exciting, fully funded virtual program for middle school students in New York City and Westchester Public Schools. This engaging, educator-led program explores Wave Hill’s woodland through the lens of the urban wildlife that exists in New York City’s many natural areas. Through map and site exploration, students learn the importance of forests, gardens and other green spaces for the many species that inhabit our city. Focusing on three local mammal species, students determine what resources are needed to survive and thrive in a particular habitat. Students practice their science investigation skills by making hypotheses, collecting observational data from wildlife cameras and analyzing data to determine if their hypotheses were supported.