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Fall Exhibitions Reception

Glyndor Gallery

Please join us to meet the artists featured in Wave Hill’s fall exhibitions. Field Notes brings together Matthew Friday, David McQueen and Michelle Stuart, whose projects in Glyndor Gallery and on the grounds will encourage visitors to discover connections of their own. In the Sunroom Project Space, two site-specific installations open, both by the 2016 Van Lier Visual Artist Fellows: Julian Chams has created tactile, photo-based assemblages of memories, feelings and experiences, seeking to soften our information-laden world; Beatrice Glow’s installation converts the Sun Porch into a retelling of trans-Pacific histories, using sights and scents that reference the spice trade.

Free with admission to the grounds. Fall Arts Opening Weekend event.


Pictured above: David McQueen, Double Wired Chandelier (work in progress) for Wave Hill installation, 2015. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. 

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