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Artist & Curator Talk

Glyndor Gallery

Join three artists from Recapturing the Scenic Wilds in the gallery to discuss how the impulse to collect and frame the living world informs contemporary artistic practice. Despite diverse media and tones, the works of all three artists cross the lines between humans and other animals, or between living beings and dead examples. Dana Levy sets live animals loose in natural history collections. Jessica Segall’s tongue-in-cheek installation literally gives voice to unprotected species like pigeons and starlings. The voyeuristic side of the American Museum of Natural History is revealed in Liselot van der Heijden’s photos and videos. Take this opportunity to ask questions about process and concept. Please RSVP at visualarts@wavehill.org.


Pictured above: Dana Levy, Silent Among Us, 2008, still from single channel video. Courtesy of Braverman Gallery and the artist. 

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