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Artists and Curator Talk

Glyndor Gallery

Join Kira Nam Greene, Emilio Perez and Amy Pryor, artists in Wave Hill’s summer exhibition Nature Pops! for this conversation with Gabriel de Guzman, Wave Hill’s Curator of Visual Arts. They will discuss works on view and how contemporary artists are continuing to reevaluate popular culture a half-century after the emergence of Pop art as a groundbreaking response to new norms of consumerism. These artists recalibrating this movement in contemporary terms, interpreting nature and the environment through a populist lens, and making work that is especially relevant in an age of digital overload and environmental crisis.

Free with admission to the grounds.

Pictured above: Amy Pryor,  Stunning Violet Clusters, 2016. Watercolor monotype and decals on panel. 32 1/2 " x 46". Courtesy of the artist.

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