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Secret Lives of Scavengers… A Trail Camera Project

Wave Hill House

What happens to a deer when it dies in the woods? Lots! A parade of scavengers, from common raven to bald eagle to bobcat, recycle the carcass in short order. Using dramatic images captured by motion activated cameras, Dr. Ed McGowan, Director of Science at the Trailside Museums & Zoo with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, chronicles the expected and unexpected wild animals drawn to the life-supporting protein of a dead deer. These images captured in NY State Parks reveal the importance of scavenging for regional rarities, such as the golden eagle, and the risks to wildlife from lead poisoning from unrecovered hunter-shot deer. Scavengers & Decomposers Weekend event.

Free with admission to the grounds.


Photo: courtesy of Trailside Museums & Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park

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