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Glyndor Gallery

Tour Glyndor Gallery with Wave Hill’s Curatorial Fellow or Gallery Greeter to get an insider’s view of current exhibitions. The exhibition Here We Land features three former Winter Workspace artists, Camille Hoffman, Maria Hupfield and Sara Jimenez, who return to explore narratives about contested space that draw on personal and cultural touch points in their immersive installations. In the Sunroom, Amir Hariri creates sculptural installations constructed of wood, brick and other building materials—along with a wall drawing—that connect to his architectural research to the Bronx and Wave Hill. In the Sun Porch, Geoffrey Owen Miller suspends transparent, upside down sculptures of flora and fauna—inspired by Wave Hill—from the ceiling over sheets of black-mirrored glass. Visitors see prismatic reflections of the hanging plants and animals in upright positions in the glass.

Free with admission to the grounds.

Pictured above: Maria Hupfield and Sara Jimenez's installations in the exhibition, Here We Land. Photo: Stefan Hagen.

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