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Lessons from Wave Hill: Right Plant, Right Place—Identifying and Embracing Microclimates

Wave Hill House

Why do some plants thrive and others die? Picking exactly the right spot for a plant is not always easy. During this intensive workshop with Senior Horticultural Interpreter Charles Day, see how minor changes in aspect and soil or surrounding landscape features can make a big difference to gardening success. Starting with an indoor presentation of some favorite Wave Hill plants and their different needs, move outside to meet Wave Hill Gardener Susannah Strazzera to see how to make a virtue of every possible garden location. Gain insights into soil amelioration and learn some of the tricks used by the Wave Hill gardeners to cultivate finicky plants such as alpines and those from Mediterranean regions. This new series is inspired by the fall 2019 publication Nature into Art: The Gardens of Wave Hill.

$55; Wave Hill Members save 10%. Registration required, online or at the Perkins Visitor Center.


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