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Meet the Artist: Rachel Sydlowski

Glyndor Gallery

Join us at this artist talk with Rachel Sydlowski and Curator of Visual Arts Eileen Jeng Lynch about her installation in the Sunroom Project Space. Sydlowski’s installation addresses both history and the natural world. Layers of historical wallpaper serve as a background for complex screen print collages consisting of flora and fauna, architectural details and decorative motifs from Wave Hill, Inwood Hill Park and other surrounding green spaces in New York. The Sunroom will be transformed into an anachronistic collage of the past and present—a reconstruction of histories and narratives based in research and fiction.

Free with admission to the grounds.

Pictured above: Rachel Sydlowski, Parlor in the Wilderness, 2019, mixed media, site specific installation. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Stefan Hagen.

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