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Meet the Artists: Julian Chams and Beatrice Glow

Glyndor Gallery

Join Wave Hill’s 2015 Van Lier Visual Artist Fellows, Julian Chams and Beatrice Glow, during this artists talk in which each will discuss their creative process and the concepts behind their solo projects.

In the Sunroom, Chams works in the space between the personal and the systematic, creating assemblages of imagery that includes both natural and manmade elements. His exhibition, titled Maybe Like This, transforms the space into a captivating environment that includes soft sculptures made of printed cloth covered with sharp-focused photographs taken at sites recently and in the past, including Wave Hill’s grounds, upstate New York, Kansas, his native Colombia, and the United Kingdom.

Glow’s installation, Rhunhattan, converts the Sun Porch into a tearoom with sights and scents that reference the spice trade, which ushered in an era of globalization. Specifically, she highlights a land exchange that took place in 1667, when the Dutch, who sought to monopolize the Spice Islands, gave the English the island of Manhattan in exchange for Rhun, a much smaller island in present-day Indonesia. By framing this narrative in a settler-colonist lens, Glow brings to light an unsavory history with costs that still resonate today.

Free with admission to the grounds.

Pictured above: Julian Chams and visitors to his studio in the Sunroom Project Space during Winter Workspace Open Studios, April 2015. 

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