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Outcasts: Finding Her Voice, A Conversation

Wave Hill House

Guest co-curators and art historians Deborah Frizzell and Harry J. Weil lead a conversationwith artists Samira Abbassy, Scherezade Garcia and Fay Ku who are exhibiting as part of Outcasts: Women in the Wilderness. The artists speak about how they use ancient and modern mythologies as a source to create artwork that explores hybrid alternatives to the social and cultural order.

Samira Abbassy’s self-portraiture and mixed-media sculptures explore cultural identity, knitting together disparate visual languages, conventions and myths drawn from Arab-Iranian, Persian, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist traditions. Interdisciplinary visual artist Scherezade Garcia addresses contemporary allegories of history and the processes of colonization and migration, which frequently evoke memories of faraway home and the hopes that accompany relocating in a new land. Fay Ku layers her drawings with hybrid animal, human and vegetal forms, her archetypes comment on cultural identity and tradition through a delicate sense of line and a sensitivity to surface.

Following the conversation, hear spoken-word artists and poets perform on the grounds.

Free with admission to the grounds.


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Pictured above, left to right: Deborah Frizzell in Tuscany, Italy, 2013; Harry Weil, 2015; Scherezade Garcia (credit William Vazquez); Fay Ku (credit Katherine Helen Fisher); Samira Abbassy at EFA Studio NYC, 2016 (credit Janette May).

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