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Outcasts: Using Her Voice, A Performance

On the Grounds

As part of Outcasts: Women in the Wilderness, the spring show in Wave Hill's Glyndor Gallery, spoken-word artists and poets perform on the grounds, bringing their voices into the open air. Their work aims to heal and empower by way of inclusiveness, resistance and recovery from loss and trauma. Artists Mahogany L. Browne, Natalie N. Caro, Caridad De La Luz and Jess X. Snow will offer their own works, share works by kindred spirit poets and writers, or perform new works that respond to the artwork on view in the gallery. The artists were selected for their unique voices that draw on personal experience, cultural context with a drive to communicate.

Bronx-based artist and curator Jane Gabriels serves as host for the program.  As a champion of cultural production in the Bronx, Gabriels puts the works in context, providing a reference point for these powerful messages. With its strong Bronx focus the program showcases the creativity of our borough and beyond and introduces these visionary artists. Find out more about the performers here.

Come early to explore the grounds and hearcurators and visual artists speak about their work.

Free with admission to the grounds.

View performer biographies.


Pictured above, from left: Mahogany Browne (courtesy of the artist), Natalie N. Caro (credit Hnazario), Caridad De La Luz (courtesy of the artist), Jess X. Snow, 2017 (credit Patrick Weishampel), Jane Gabriels (credit Marisol Diaz).

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