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Summer Exhibitions Opening Reception

Glyndor Gallery

Please join us to meet the artists featured in Wave Hill’s summer exhibitions. Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath—Force of Natureexplores contemporary anxieties about the environment through sculptural and painterly depictions of the moments before, during and after natural disaster. This show gathers together a group of artists dedicated to picturing the unpredictability of the material world: Diane Burko, Brian Adam Douglas, Angela Dufresne, Julie Heffernan, Amer Kobaslija, Kent Monkman, Tameka Norris, Brian Novatny, David Opdyke, Anne Peabody, Jon Rappleye and Alexis Rockman. In the Sunroom Project Space, two exhibitions will open. Tamara Johnson is a deft sculptor who insinuates humor into the world of the everyday. At Wave Hill, she extends the iconic balustrade of the pergola on the Great Lawn into the Sun Porch. In the Sun Room, Eto Otitigbe draws on his background in polymedia to encourage viewers to see the landscape as an interactive experience. Free with admission to the grounds. OPening in Wave Hill House is Abbie Zabar: Ten Years of Flowers, a selection of drawings from her series Flowers in the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Pictured above: Diane Burko, Arctic Cyclone, August 2012 after NASA, 2013. 60” x 84.” Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

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