Dense, Hot and Cool Harmonies
Portrait of the Artist

Peter Gerakaris’s installations display a vibrant “Post-Pop Botanic” style, filtering botanical imagery through cultural references that are both recent and remote. The result is a highly stylized fusion of motifs, both natural and constructed, that alludes to the dense cultural awareness characteristic of contemporary life. 

Peter Gerakaris was Wave Hill’s very first Sunroom Project Space artist and Spectrumorphosis (2007) was his first solo exhibition. Playing with the color spectrum, the installation sought to harmonize hot and cool tones usually used in contrast with one another. Sunlight filtered into the room through vinyl gels painted with vibrant botanical and biomorphic imagery, generating a tropical reversal of what was then a winter landscape in the gardens beyond the gallery. The  north wall of the space was covered with a stereographic wall mural with botanical silhouettes suggestive of retinal after-images, enhancing the viewer’s experience of the total environment. The broad leaves of several live plants captured the filtered light, heightening the tropical artifice. Gerakaris’s exploration of the relationship between light and color produced rhythmic patterns throughout the room, creating an immersive experience for visitors.

Past Sunroom Work

Spectrumorphosis (2007)

Peter D. Gerakaris, "Spectrumorphosis," 2007, vinyl gels, acrylic polymer paint and indelible ink, latex enamel paint, live plants, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.
Peter D. Gerakaris, "Spectrumorphosis," 2007. Courtesy of the artist.
Peter D. Gerakaris, "Spectrumorphosis," 2007. Courtesy of the artist..
Peter D. Gerakaris, "Spectrumorphosis," 2007.

The natural environment of Wave Hill inspired the imagery Peter Gerakaris uses for Ventana Origami Sculpture, the work he is creating for Call & Response, the 2017 anniversary show in Glyndor Gallery. This versatile piece is a stand-alone work, as well as a model for creating a large-scale, public pavilion. As the first Sunroom artist, Gerakaris’s 2007 installation Spectrumorphosis gave the artist an opportunity to create a room-sized installation that would be a new experience and a new method of working. Ten years ago, he installed colored gels and paintings of botanical imagery in the windows in the Sunroom, its most dominant architectural feature. Ventana Origami Sculpture now propels Gerakaris’s work into the arena of public art, and reflects the direction of his career after his Sunroom Project. For this new work, he prints a kaleidoscopic composition on the surface of an origami sculpture, installing it atop a mirrored surface that, as with his earlier installation, transforms the light in the gallery space. The result is a highly stylized vision of the natural world, experienced through contemporary cultural filters.

Work for Call & Response

Ventana Origami Sculpture

Peter D. Gerakaris. "Ventana Origami Sculpture," 2017 Mixed-media on YUPO paper, painted figurines, custom wallpaper 10 1/2 x 30 x 12 inches Courtesy of the artist
Peter D. Gerakaris, "Praiadise Origami Sculpture" (detail), 2014, mixed media on paper and wood, on top of mirrored display, 20 x 10 x 10 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

"Experiencing an interdisciplinary mix of media and being encouraged and nurtured in pushing the envelope have set the tone for all my subsequent projects, many of which have engaged the public sphere."

—Peter Gerakaris

Gerakaris in studio1.jpg

Peter D. Gerakaris in his studio. Courtesy of the artist.

Trained as a painter, Spectrumorphosis challenged Gerakaris’s practice by pushing him to experiment with ways to combine painting with large-scale installation, murals, digital media and sculpture. Subsequent projects, which feature an interdisciplinary mix of media, include work at Cornell Tech, The Surrey Hotel, Bergdorf Goodman and a Percent for Art commission at a public school. The tropical motif that first appeared in Spectrumorphosis has reemerged as a theme in later installations, in Tropicália at RIVAA Gallery on Roosevelt Island, New York, NY; Armory Art Center East Gallery in West Palm Beach, FL; and in a solo show at FXFOWLE Gallery in New York, NY. His work has received press coverage in Architectural Digest, W Magazine, The Financial Times and Artlog.

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