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Events spring gala 2020

Spring Gala

Dear Friends,

Welcome, and thank you for joining us! We invite you to celebrate the magic of Wave Hill—virtually. So, kick back in your leisure-wear or pull out your cocktail attire—whatever helps you feel festive!—and explore this page. Make yourself a cocktail, press play on the curated Spotify list, and wander through Wave Hill's gardens with us. We know how precious and meaningful it is to have Wave Hill in our lives, and we're so glad to be able to share in the beauty of nature with you.

Thank you for being a friend to Wave Hill. We're grateful for your support and look forward to the day we can share in the joyous gardens and grounds in person once again.

Warm regards,

Grayson Rueckert and Pamela Fontaine Salvatore
Gala Co-Chairs

How to Make a Mint Julep

Traditionally served in a silver Julep cup with a dome of crushed ice, this classic refresher is a favorite in May when mint makes an appearance and the weather warms. Recipe makes one cocktail.


  • 2 oz bourbon (preferably Old Forester)
  • 1 ½ tsp superfine sugar
  • 10 mint leaves
  • 1 mint sprig, for garnish
  • Seltzer water
  • Crushed ice

Add the 10 mint leaves to the bottom of your glass with the superfine sugar and gently muddle. Be careful not to tear the leaves. If you don’t have a muddler, the flat end of a wood spoon or other kitchen tool will work just fine.

Add crushed ice, leaving the mint and sugar in the bottom of the glass.

Measure and pour in your bourbon; top off with a small amount of seltzer water.

Finish with a sprig of fresh mint, sip, and enjoy!

A Tour of the Gardens

Soft spring breezes, warm sunshine and beautiful blooms...Enjoy a virtual walk through our gardens.


As the Curator of Performing Arts here at Wave Hill, it has been my joy to program our musical performances both in- and outdoors. From our Armor Hall concerts, to summer Sunset Wednesdays and Sonic Experiences, Wave Hill has been a destination to see and hear a variety of great contemporary acts. Enjoy this Spotify playlist, featuring some of my favorites!

Ginger Dolden
Curator of Performing Arts

Thank You

During times like this, it’s important to appreciate the beautiful things—warm spring air, shade offered by the trees, and our community—without whom Wave Hill would not be the restorative and inspiring place it is and will continue to be.

Thank you for joining us. To find more virtual treasures such as programs, projects, and more, please visit our Branching Out page, and engage with us on social media.

Thank you for keeping Wave Hill whole through your donations and your goodwill. We are tremendously grateful to you, and look forward to welcoming you back.

Barbara Giordano
Director of Development


Ecka Blaire Faulds
Manager of Special Projects and Events

Thank you to our generous sponsors and supporters:

Sarah and Geoffrey Gund
Nancy Foster Perkins
Jennifer P. Speers

Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Inc.
Miriam and Alan Goldberg
Katie Michel
Samantha and D. Bryce O’Brien
Fleur and William D. Rueckert
Pamela and Paul Salvatore
Penelope P. Wilson
Audrey and Richard Zinman

Lisa and Michael Cader
Sarah Cornog and Christopher Chesney
Dr. Jacqueline Mahal and Benjamin Segal
Vladimir and Shoshana Shendelman
Yehuda and Rebecca Shmidman
Janet and Gilbert Spitzer
Beatrice and Leighton Welch


Sarah Jane and Trevor Gibbons
Agnes Gund
Donna Raftery and Vincent Inconiglios
Jean Michael
Grayson and Cleveland Rueckert
Michael J. Shannon
Robert Wiesen


Robbie Oxnard Bent and David Bent
Jessica and Chad Haller
Wendy Gordon and Laurance Rockefeller

As of 5.20.20