A public garden & cultural center

For our Religiously Observant Visitors

Wave Hill welcomes visitors of all faiths.

If you would like to visit on a day when religious beliefs prevent you from carrying money, or carrying your Wave Hill Membership cards, please note our policy for accommodating your visit.

Wave Hill Members:
If you are a Member of Wave Hill, please call Wave Hill’s Greeter Desk, at 718.549.3200 x200 before your visit to ask to have your name given to our Front Gate prior to the day of your visit.  When you arrive, please tell the Front Gate your name.  Wave Hill will honor your Membership level (Individual, Family/Dual, Senior Couple, etc.) and status. Please note that your Membership must be current.

If you are not a Member but wish to visit Wave Hill, please note that admission is FREE on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9am until Noon. If you come to Wave Hill during that time, no admission fee is charged, and you may enter and leave as often as you like up until noon those days.

Pay in Advance
If you plan to come to Wave Hill in the afternoon on a Saturday, or on a holiday when you cannot carry money, please pre-pay admission to the grounds, either at the Perkins Visitor Center prior to your visit or by calling 718.549.3200 x251. The Front Gate will be provided with your name prior to the day of your visit. When you arrive, please tell the Front Gate your name.

We hope you will visit often, and become a Wave Hill Member, if you have not already done so. Your support is vital to the continuing well-being of our world-class gardens and programs.