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Education 38


Learn with Wave Hill

As part of Wave Hill’s dedication to connecting people of all ages and backgrounds to nature and art, the Education Department works with a diverse set of partners, including individual schools, community centers and institutions from across the New York metropolitan area. Our experienced educators work closely with partners to develop and facilitate learning opportunities with their audiences that provide deep and meaningful interactions with Wave Hill on a personalized basis.

These partnerships vary in scope and size—from one session to week-long courses to year-long programs—and are priced accordingly. Wave Hill will work with you to customize a program that is right for you and your audience. Partnerships may also include professional development for participating teachers and administrators.

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For more information on potential partnership opportunities, contact:

Existing Partnership Programs

Education 36

Each year, first grade students from Riverdale Country School visit Wave Hill monthly. They learn how to be field scientists, making observations about the changing seasons. Photo credit: Riverdale Country School

Education 20

Students make observations during a Con Edison STEM Days Out session. These sessions provide middle school classes with fully-funded field trips to learn about and track urban wildlife.

Education 18

High school students spend a chilly March day playing a game to simulate evolutionary competition during one session of a three-session program, sponsored by a partnership with The Bronx Institute.

Education 39

Students measure tree growth during one of our week-long DOE-sponsored camp programs, run through their STEM Matters initiative.

Education 19

Students make observations of camera trap locations as part of a semester-long partnership that allowed high school students to conduct research, analyze data and communicate their results.

One Small Square in Action

Riverdale Country School