A public garden & cultural center
The Wild Garden in summer is a picture of serene splendor
Walks, yoga and evening concerts on the Great Lawn--bring your own chair!
Moss Cafe is at Wave Hill Sundays till late July
In Glyndor Gallery, Nature Pops! brings together work interpreting nature through a populist lens
Meet the 2016 Nally Interns, this year's gardener apprenctices
Hear Paul Giamatti and Maggie Siff in Interview Sun, August 7, in Armor Hall
Help us renovate and renew the gardens this summer!
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What's in Bloom

The Pergola offers an enticingly shady spot for enjoying summer's blooms. #wavehill #summertime #gardenglory
Jul 21, 2016 Wave Hill
The Pergola offers an enticingly shady spot for enjoying summer's blooms. #wavehill #summertime #gardenglory
Butterflies, like this Pipevine Swallowtail, love the butterfly bush outside the Flower Garden. What butterflies have you seen in our gardens? #wavehill #gardenglory #butterflyloveIts stone walls complemented by carefully orchestrated assortments of ravishing succulents and a lush canopy of foliage overhead, the Pergola looks charming from the western front! #wavehill #gardengloryThis impressive Agave americana is the new centerpiece for the Flower Garden! Surrounded by succulents and dainty flowers, it sets a charming scene. #wavehill #gardenglory

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