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2017 06 27 11941 Wave Hill



Pumpkin pie
  • Wellness + Cooking

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie Cooking Demonstration

  • Virtual

Wave Hill exclusive caterer Great Performances Culinary Ambassador Georgette Farkas shares a twist on the classic pumpkin dessert.

JM w Maria Hupfiled 2
  • Art
  • Talks + Tours

Elasticity of Place: Talk with Jennifer McGregor

  • Virtual

Join us to celebrate Jennifer’s 20 years at Wave Hill as she offers an insider's glimpse at the endless inspiration the gardens have provided to hundreds of artists.

FAP Stuff of Stars
  • Families

Family Art Project: Stuff of Stars (Virtual)

  • Virtual

Transport yourselves to the birth of a star. Stars are born, live and explode in vast clouds of gas and dust called nebulae. Learn about the stellar and spectacular life cycles of...