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Wave Hill Presents: Mamie Minch and Tamar Korn

  • Virtual

Filmed at Wave Hill’s Aquatic Garden, this duo performance features Mamie Minch and Tamar Korn, each acclaimed solo performers in their own rights.

Installation of artwork titled “dancing with London”: two sculptures of Emilie Gossiaux's guide dog London standing on hind legs and reaching out across the space to eachother with their front legs, as if to embrace in a slow dance.
  • Art
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Meet the Artist: Emilie Gossiaux

  • Virtual

Emilie Gossiaux is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Since losing her vision in 2010, Gossiaux relies solely on her sense of touch and her body’s response to...

  • Gardens
  • Talks + Tours

2021 Horticultural Lecture Series

  • Virtual

Wave Hill’s 2021 Horticultural Lecture Series starts and ends at great English gardens, both with plantings of modern sensibility and a strong emphasis on encouraging biodiversity.

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