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Youth Internships

Grow with Wave Hill

Wave Hill is committed to building and empowering an inclusive youth community that reflects the diversity of New York City, and supports local youth in their personal and professional growth. We provide paid youth internship programs that prepare participants for future studies and careers related to community engagement, environmental stewardship and education. Through these programs, we address barriers that prevent all New York City youth from engaging equally in science, art and education, particularly barriers associated with socio-economic status, race, gender and sexual orientation. Our internships are based on the core belief that all young people have a great capacity to improve their own skills while educating others and promoting stewardship of their community and the environment.

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Art, Community, Education and Science

A year-long paid internship that invites high school students to explore the connections between community engagement and science-informed, informal arts education.

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Forest Project

A paid summer internship that engages New York City high school students in ecological restoration and urban ecology through hands-on field experiences and dynamic, field-based coursework.

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Woodland Ecology Research Mentorship

A 14-month paid program offering New York City high school students a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of ecological principles and science research methods.

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Forest Project at Wave Hill—Strengthening Youth Communities and Urban Ecology

The story of Wave Hill’s paid youth internships is told by the students who have participated and the educators who created and lead them. Wave Hill remains a leader in this field more than 40 years after pioneering the Forest Project and later adding the Woodland Ecology Research Mentorship.