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Early spring, as captured by Photography Club Member Gerry McGee
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Have a seat.\n\n#wavehill #springisnear #peaceandcalm
Feb 22, 2017 Wave Hill
Have a seat.\n\n#wavehill #springisnear #peaceandcalm
Crocus and snowdrops dot the Wild Garden.\n\n#wavehill #earlyspring #springbloomsThis Plant of the Week is one of the joys of a February visit to the gardens. Currently at peak elegance, coppery-orange flowers seem to glow in the afternoon sun and give off a sweet scent on milder days.\nClick on the link in our profile and go to the Blog to learn more, or take advantage of the warm days this week to see it for yourself!\n\n#wavehill #plantoftheweek #witchhazelChatting up a storm, our birds are as excited about the warm weekend as we are! Garden rendezvous, anyone?\n\n#wavehill #gardenglory #aquaticgarden #isitspringyet

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Wave Hill gardener Jen Cimno talk about balancing the practical and the aesthetic

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Wave Hill gardener Jen Cimino talk about balancing the practical and the aesthetic