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Lose yourself in the wonders of our lacebark pine. #wavehill #trees #nature
Jan 15, 2018 Wave Hill
Lose yourself in the wonders of our lacebark pine. #wavehill #trees #nature
We\u2019re excited about our first lecture next week, featuring @deborahneedleman and the owners of @saipua and @tinyheartsfarm\u2014join us in learning more about the new wave of flower designers and growers. Tickets at bitly.com/WHHortLectures2018. #flowerpower #horticulture\n\u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\n#Repost @deborahneedleman\n\u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\nHad a conference call about zinnias and other underloved flowers today with @saipua & @tinyheartsfarm \u2014and how the flowers we admire (and grow in gardens and use in floristry) can affect the future of flower farming among other things. We\u2019re taking this flower convo uptown next Wednesday for @wavehill. Join us please if you\u2019re in NY! Tix info in bio.#Winter #sunlight leaves delicate #shadows across the Tropical House. #wavehillA colony of #ants happily inhabits the inside chambers of our #PlantoftheWeek, the ant plant. Learn more at blog.wavehill.org. #symbiotic #plantsofinstagram

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Wave Hill gardener Jen Cimno talks about balancing the practical and the aesthetic

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Wave Hill gardener Jen Cimino talk about balancing the practical and the aesthetic