A public garden & cultural center

Board & Staff

Contact Information

Call 718.549.3200, followed by the appropriate 3-digit extension.


Karen Meyerhoff, President & Executive Director - x329

Michele Rossetti, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer - x231
Louis Bauer, Senior Director of Horticulture - x261
Jennifer McGregor, Senior Director of Arts, Education & Programs - x204

Alix Cotumaccio, Director of Education - x230
Barbara A. Giordano, Director of Development - x233 
Carolyn Liv, Director of Corporate Partnerships & Conferences - x209

Frank Perrone, Director of Facilities & Capital Projects - x301
Laurel Rimmer, Director of Public Programs - x215

Michael Wiertz, Director of Visitor Services - x208

Primary Contacts

Jenah Barry, Retail Manager - x252
Jaletza Bayley, Membership Associate - x220
Clare Blackwell, School Partnerships Coordinator and Educator - x228
Colin Brady, Visitor Services Manager - x326
Joanne Conte, Senior Accountant - x244
Nicolas Correa, Senior Manager, Information Systems - x219
Charles Day, Ruth Rea Howell Senior Horticultural Interpreter - x321
Julia Dunn, School Programs Coordinator and Educator - x217
Ecka Blaire Faulds, Manager of Special Projects and Events - x310
Gabrielle DiGiulio, Education Office Manager - x237
Ginger Dolden, Curator of Performing Arts - x218
Alison Filosa, Horticultural Interpreter - x330
Martha Gellens, Asst. Director of Marketing; Press Contact - x232
Eileen Jeng Lynch, Curator of Visual Arts - x397
Barry Kogan, Senior Manager of Youth Programs & Woodland Initiatives - x223
Jennifer Liu, Marketing Asociate - x256
Nancy Mercado, Human Resources Manager - x201
Rachel Morris,  Marketing Associate - x207
Mallory Muya, Art Education Coordinator - x246
Elizabeth Norton, Youth Programs Coordinator - 324
Steven Oppedal, Manager of Institutional Giving - x260
Justine Spilotros, Public Programs Manager - x206
Berk Taner, Manager of Group Tours & Conference Operations - x238
Matthew Turnbull, Asst. Director of Horticulture - x323
Katherine Veliz, Assistant Manager of Donor Relations - x216
Marilyn Young, Horticulture Assistant - x323

Board of Directors

Sarah G. Gund, Co-Chair
Richard S. Zinman, Co-Chair
Karen Meyerhoff, President
D. Bryce O'Brien II, Treasurer
Lisa Cader, Secretary 


Edward A. Ames
Andrew Berman
Christopher P. Chesney
Frances Beinecke Elston
Michael Haggerty
Cynthia Hanawalt
Susan Hinkson-Carling
Vincent Inconiglios
Jeanne Jang
Katie Michel
Grayson Rueckert
Vladimir Shendelman
Steven B. Silverstein
Jennifer P. Speers
Maud Cabot Welch
Cathleen Harvey Wiggins 


David O. Beim
Harvey Beker
Anne P. Cabot
Barbara Paul Robinson
William Dodge Rueckert
Cathy Marks Weinroth


Hon. Bill de Blasio
Hon. Ruben Diaz, Jr.
Hon. Tom Finkelpearl
Hon. Mitchell J. Silver
Hon. Andrew Cohen 

Friends of Horticulture Committee

Donna Raftery, Chair
Eleanor Briggs
Susan Burke
Lisa Cader
Ann Coleman
Cathy Deutsch
Page Dickey
Jane Garmey
Maggy Geiger
John Gwynne
Lu Hamlin
Myra Hecht
Patricia Jonas
Fred Landman
Charlotte Mathey 
Janet Mavec
Pepe Maynard 
Susan Morgenthau
Stephen Orr
Melissa Ozawa

Frances Palmer
Katie Ridder
Francis Schell
Lynne Silver
Beatrice Welch

Marco Polo Stufano, Director of Horticulture Emeritus
Louis Bauer, Director of Horticulture
Marilyn Young, Horticulture Assistant


As of September 13, 2018