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Nature Activities for Home

Biomimicry Comic Strip

Be empowered by nature as you explore the different ways in which animals, plants and fungi adapt to meet challenges.


A Healthy Reminder

Some of these activities may take you out into nature. Be sure to follow the recommended health and safety guidelines, including keeping at least six feet from others and washing your hands well when you return home.


  • Biomimicry: the design and production of materials, structures and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes

Let your children know that today they will consider how nature meets challenges. Explain that it is a common practice in science and art to solve problems through the process of biomimicry. Take a moment to define this word and show some of the provided superhero images as examples. Highlight that careful observation of nature can help humans solve issues of our own. Explain that in this activity, they will use the answers they receive from nature to give themselves problem-solving superpowers.

Have children select one key word to use for this activity by either generating a key word of their own, or choosing one from the provided Key Word List. This word should align with a challenge of their own or a problem-solving technique they would like to see in action in the natural world.

Once all children have selected their word, go to Ask children to type their key word into the search bar. Have them refine their search by selecting “Biological Strategies” on the left-hand side. Give children a few minutes to browse articles and choose one biological strategy to which they feel connected. Then, pass out blank comic strips (you can use the comic strip template, or make your own) and drawing utensils.

Children should then use the biological strategy they chose to develop a superhero that embodies it. Have children draw their superhero in action on the comic strip. At the bottom of the page, ask children to write a few sentences about why they chose this nature power, and how it can help people to solve problems.

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