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Wave Hill's 50th Anniversary

Over the past 50 years, Wave Hill has welcomed millions of visitors who come to this treasured garden to find inspiration and to connect with nature and each other.

But Wave Hill would not be the cherished oasis it is today were it not for the generous gift of a family. The Perkins-Freeman Family gave the extraordinary gift of their two estates, Wave Hill House and Glyndor House, and the surrounding 28 acres to the City of New York.

Today, the legacy of the Perkins-Freeman Family and their magnanimous gift lives on through our Wave Hill “family”—our neighbors, friends and partners worldwide—who have enabled this renowned garden and cultural center to thrive through their generous support and commitment.

Please join us in strengthening Wave Hill by making a special gift in honor of Wave Hill’s 50th Anniversary.  Your gift will allow Wave Hill to flourish, providing essential funds that make it possible to cultivate and nurture our gardens, purchase tools and equipment to care for our grounds, provide art and educational programs to the public, engage artists to create one-of-a-kind work and invite all our visitors to create life-long memories.

One gift helped create Wave Hill and your gift in honor of our 50th Anniversary will ensure Wave Hill remains strong and beautiful for generations to come.  

Give to the 50th Anniversary Fund

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