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Ecological consciousness credit John Maggiotto 27

(NERTM) New Earth Resiliency Training Module

Tattfoo Tan

One of sixteen projects in the 2018 exhibition Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator.

Ecological consciousness credit John Maggiotto 15

Photo: John Maggiotto

Ecological consciousness credit John Maggiotto 14

Photo: John Maggiotto

New Earth Resiliency Training Module, created by Tattfoo Tan, is a program that teaches an ethos of self-reliance and of living closer to the earth, especially within an urban environment. By drawing upon its surrounding resources, the city is a catalyst for building relations with various neighborhoods and communities. The program strengthens the resiliency of the neighborhood by activating young people and equipping them with skills, knowledge, and an adaptive worldview. It also empowers youth by treating them as authorities on their own environment. Studying folk craft and tracing the genesis of ideas, objects and beliefs is an effort to “re-wild” oneself in order to restore one’s trust in nature. One of the skills embraced by NERTM is building an herbarium as a tool to dry and preserve plants for further study and use. Herbarium basics were outlined on the banner shown above and presented through four herbariums made by the artist.