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Ecological consciousness credit John Maggiotto 27

NYC Waterways, Site of Activity, Site of Action

Eve Mosher and Clarinda Mac Low

Works on Water, with help from Carolyn Hall and Madelyn Ringold-Brown

One of sixteen projects in the 2018 exhibition Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator.

Ecological consciousness credit John Maggiotto 27

Photo: John Maggiotto

Eve Mosher and Clarinda Mac Low created a large-scale painting of the New York City waterways, which cites artist-initiated environmental artworks and activities taking place around the waterways. Two projects, Sunk Shore and Oil Twitchers and Barge Spotters: A Field Guide to Whale Creek, were featured on pedestals, and lines connect to water-related projects in the exhibition. The installation is affiliated with the Works on Water/Underwater New York exhibition and artist residency on Governors Island that started in June and ran through October 2018. On Governors Island, the works shown from around the world were mapped by themes. The projects sought to build connections between people working on the water in order to build the reach of these projects, and increase the impact and efficacy of the work.