A public garden & cultural center

Tips for Your Visit

Wave Hill is a public garden, which is very different from a park. Gardens are all about experiencing nature—flowers, plants and trees that are carefully cultivated and arranged. Our guidelines protect the gardens and plant collections, but also ensure the safety and comfort of our visitors.

May I smoke during my visit?
No, Wave Hill is a smoke-free environment.

May I walk on the grass?
Please do! We encourage you to walk on the grass and explore the grounds.

May I spread out a blanket to sit on the grass?
Blankets are not allowed. Please enjoy Wave Hill benches and chairs, or sit on the grass.

Is it okay to climb the trees?
Please do not climb trees, pick flowers or take plant material.

May we play games during our visit?
Please leave your ball, rollerblades, kite, scooter and Frisbee at home.

May I purchase food at Wave Hill?
Yes, please visit The Café in Wave Hill House to enjoy seasonal light fare, a coffee bar and afternoon tea.

May I picnic here?
Yes, but only in the designed Picnic Area next to Glyndor Gallery. Food is not permitted outside this area. Picnic tables are for general use by the public and may not be reserved.

May I have a birthday party at Wave Hill?
We do not allow organized 
gatherings or private events of any kind—meetings, workshops, clubs, classes, birthday parties and anniversaries—on the grounds.

Is there a place to leave my bike when I get to Wave Hill?
You can find bike racks near the Front Gate. Bicycles and tricycles are not allowed on the grounds.

Do I have to worry about making noise?
Our visitors want to be able to enjoy the quiet: Please use headphones with your MP3 player, cellphone or tablet.

May I take pictures?
Yes, but for private use only. Wedding, engagement and family portraits require a permit and a site fee. Commercial photography also requires written permission and fees.

May I use a tripod or easel to photograph or create art during my visit?
Yes, except in the Flower Garden, Wild Garden, Greenhouses, Dry & Herb Gardens and Alpine House.

May I bring my dog?
Your trained service dog is welcome, but we ask that 
other pets be left home.

Visitors unable to comply with these guidelines will be asked to leave the property.