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Early Childhood (Pre-K)

Learn with Wave Hill

Engage your class in a unique, outdoor adventure at Wave Hill, during which we venture through, and learn from, the natural world! Skilled educators work individually with each class to provide rich experiences for all.

Time of programs: 10-11AM or 11:30AM-12:30PM
Maximum class size: 24 students and up to four adults
Program fee: $120
20% discount for Title I and D75 schools

Special Needs: All programs can be adapted to suit the particular learning styles of your students. Communicate your class’s specific needs upon booking so that we may provide the most engaging program possible.


All groups require a reservation in advance. To make reservation, please complete the school programs request form.

Update on Spring 2024

We are excited to welcome students back to the gardens! We are offering a limited number of in-person programs. For classes unable to visit in person, select programs have a 45-minute, virtual option ($100; 20% discount for Title I and D75 schools).

Avian Adventures

Seasons offered: Spring at Wave Hill

In this lively program, students learn key bird characteristics while developing the social emotional skills necessary for successful bird watching. Together, students explore feathers and beaks, and learn bird calls.

Seeds We Need

Seasons offered: Spring at Wave Hill; virtual

Students are introduced to seeds. Using dance and storytelling, they learn why they are important and what they need in order to grow. A walk through the grounds invites investigation of the many different shapes and sizes of seeds and the plants they come from. As students move through the gardens encountering seeds, they mimic the way they travel.

Totally Trees

Seasons offered: Spring at Wave Hill

Students are introduced to some of Wave Hill’s treasured trees. They discover how these trees grow by exploring tree parts and the role each part plays in a tree’s life cycle. Through sensory engagement and body movement, students consider the lessons trees can teach us, and why those lessons have value for us.

Walk for the Senses

Seasons offered: Spring at Wave Hill

We experience the natural world with the tools we have at hand—our senses. As we tour the grounds, discovering new sights, sounds, smells and textures, students exercise these different senses by creating a “sound quilt,” exploring plants with their magnifying glasses and more.

Self-Guided Nature Walk

Seasons offered: Spring at Wave Hill

Fee: $40 per class; 20% discount for Title I schools

Guide your class on an independent exploration of Wave Hill's gardens and grounds. Prepare for your visit by downloading the attached PDF, which offers guidelines and two activities for your class to enjoy.