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2022 07 07 151717 wave hill



Stories in garden
  • Families

Stories in the Garden

  • On-site

Join Wave Hill and Literacy Inc. educators for some storytelling in the garden! Stories will come to life through interactive book readings and related activities.

Evening in Gardens Aquatic Garden
  • Music + Performances
  • Nature
  • Talks + Tours

Evening in the Gardens

  • On-site

As summer winds down, enjoy one last special evening of programming at Wave Hill. Join us at the end of your day to participate in or observe a number of activities specifically...

Wave Hill Summer Birding credit Joshua Bright
  • Nature
  • Talks + Tours

Summer Birding

  • On-site

Naturalist and birding guides Paul Keim and Gabriel Willow lead birders through the gardens and woodlands to seek out summer birds. Observe the plants, insects and habitats at...