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2022 07 07 151717 wave hill



Wave hill Walks with the Gardeners Spring Shade Border credit Wave Hill md
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Walks with the Gardeners: Spring Shade Border

Many woodland wildflowers, or “spring ephemerals,” take advantage of the sunlight to bloom before trees leaf out in the spring. Join Gardener Kyla Dippong as she draws your...

2020 spring forest bathing Wave Hill 01 2
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Forest Bathing: Honoring Earth

Celebrate planet earth with some moments of grounding and mindfulness. Receive prompted invitations to engage your senses as you move through the garden on a meditative stroll...

Murshroom log workshop 2
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Mushroom Log Workshop

Learn about edible mushroom cultivation with this fun, hands-on workshop! Wave Hill’s Associate Director of Horticulture Steve Conaway instructs participants on how to inoculate a...