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2022 07 07 151717 wave hill



Chromic Duo Adrianna Tan
  • Music + Performances

Chromic Duo

With their unique blend of toy piano, electronics, and multimedia, Chromic Duo— comprised of award-winning pianists Lucy Yao and Dorothy Chan—present Room of Oceans, a program...

Wave hill Plantwise Walk Broaden Your Evergreen Palette credit Wave Hill md
  • Gardens
  • Talks + Tours

Plantwise Walk: Broaden Your Evergreen Palette

There is more than holly when it comes to broad-leaved evergreens. We will look at this growing collection of evergreens with their waxy-like leaves that glisten and reflect the...

Bird Close up
  • Nature
  • Talks + Tours

Spring Birding

Welcome migratory birds back to Wave Hill this spring! Explore the gardens and woodlands with birder Gabriel Willow to look for resident and rare birds as they pass through on...

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