A public garden & cultural center

Talks & Lectures

Enjoy talks relating to the gardens and to exhibitions of contemporary art in Glyndor Gallery. Historical tours and gallery talks take place regularly spring, summer and fall, while a series of Horticultural Lectures is a highlight each winter. 

2015 Horticultural Lectures

An annual series hosted by the Friends of Horticulture Committee and  devoted to landscape design and the meaning of our interactions with  plants and the natural world, the 2015 Horticultural Lectures offers the opportunity to hear three distinguished experts in the field—Marco Polo Stufano,  Wave Hill's founding Director of Horticulture; Ulrich Lorimer, Curator of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Native Flora Garden; and horticulturist Ed Bowen, founder and owner of Opus Plants. Wave Hill Horticultural Lectures are held at the New York School of Interior Design in Manhattan.

Pictured above: Marco Polo Stufano, courtesy of Erica Berger.