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4 Wave Hill Arbor Week Meditative Tree Ring Prints credit Wave Hill

Nature Activities for Home

Connecting with Nature and Family at Home

Engage in fun nature activities while teaching, learning, working and entertaining your families at home.

Click on the activity title that interests you to review the activity’s material list and procedure.

A Healthy Reminder

Some of these activities may take you out into nature. Be sure to follow the recommended health and safety guidelines, including keeping at least six feet from others and washing your hands well when you return home.

Anti-Strike Decals for Birds
Pre-K-2nd Grade
Take action to protect local birds by making “anti-strike” window decals.

Biomimicry Comic Strip
4th-12th Grade

Feel empowered by nature as you explore the different  ways animals, plants  and fungi adapt to meet challenges. 

City Connection: Urban Ecology Scavenger Hunt 
4th-12th Grade

Nature is found throughout our city. In this activity, track down evidence of urban wildlife and plant species that inhabit your neighborhood, whether in a park, your backyard or along the sidewalks.

Community Science Bird Count
Pre-K-2nd Grade

Sharpen your observation skills as you participate in a nationwide community science project.

Exploring Our Senses
Pre-K-2nd Grade
Three different activities help you engage your senses—hearing, smell and touch—to expand your awareness of the world around you.

Flower Dissection
3rd-5th Grade
Observe the parts of a flower firsthand and identify their specific functions.

Mammal Jeopardy
3rd-5th Grade
Test your mammal knowledge in a comprehensive mammal jeopardy game.

Neighborhood Mammal Watch
3rd-5th Grade

Venture out into your backyard, neighborhood or local park to look for mammals and signs of mammal activity.

Street Tree Census and Tree Adoption
3rd-5th Grade

Learn to identify local trees and become a wildlife steward as you “adopt” and tend to street trees in your neighborhood.

Uncovering the Composition of New York City's Bedrock
6th-12th Grade

Learn which types of rock make up the bedrock in different parts of New York City. Explore how, over time, the city's bedrock and all its human activity affect landscape composition.

For Caregivers

Register for our Caregivers as Educators Learning Series, a free, virtual development series to gain skills, resources and support for cultivating a rich, at-home education environment for your children.