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Alejandro Guzman

Intellectual Derelict
Sunroom Project Space | April 3–May 13, 2012

Alejandro Guzman, Intellectual Derelict, 2012, mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Ken Goebel.

Alejandro Guzman’s Intellectual Derelict tells a loose narrative exploring the concrete manifestations of human nature, behavior, migration, consumption and materialism through his Sunroom Project installation and a series of performances. The artist creates performance objects from man-made and natural materials that merge storytelling with the practices of sculpture, painting and drawing. In his work, Guzman uses abstract and representational imagery to explore cultural and historical references that encompass colonialism, indigenous folklore traditions and European and American modernism.

The installation is dominated by a sculptural performance object, the central figure of the “Intellectual Derelict.” The piece expresses a dual character, covered in colorful flowers and drawings on one side and small mirrors and black-and-white drawings on the other. This sculptural figure appears in three scheduled performances that enrich the exhibition and allude to the experience of encountering the natural world, including sensual awakening, ecstatic exuberance and concern for the environment. In the Sunroom, the work attracts the eye with its vibrant color while reflecting fragmented images of the viewer and the space. The artist has said that “sharing our inherent mutual experiences and beliefs is at the forefront of my work.” A large-scale drawing on the floor is brought to earth level. It recalls ritualistic forms of floor drawing, such as Haitian veves and sandpainting practiced by Tibetan Buddhist monks and Native Americans. The patterning of the drawing on the floor and the bright monumental painting on the wall work in unison with the natural surroundings to offer an invigorating experience.


Intellectual Derelict: The Meltdown, 2012

Intellectual Derelict: The Meltdown, 2012, outdoor performance on April 1, 2012 at Wave Hill, mixed media sculpture by Alejandro Guzman; ice sculpture by Okamoto Studio. Courtesy of the artists.



















Alejandro Guzman, Intellectual Derelict, 2012, mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Ken Goebel.

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