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Ladder of Acacia
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Dario Mohr | Seeds of Kenya

All Day
Glyndor Gallery
Ladder of Acacia
Dario Mohr, "Ladder of Acacia: Official Monument of the Tafaria Castle Arboretum in Kenya", 2023, welded metal, paint, rock. Courtesy of the artist.

Inaugurating the newly renovated Glyndor Terrace Garden, Dario Mohr presents Seeds of Kenya, a monument to the 42 ethnic groups of Kenya. This new, site-specific sculpture will consist of replicas of conjoined acacia seed pods containing ten sculpted seeds each, that meet to form a double helix, which unravels into a ladder ascending upward. The Indigenous Masai tribe are represented by a seed in the ceiling of the sculpture, and the Kikuyu, the dominant ethnic group, are represented by a seed partially planted in the ground. As part of the exhibition, the artist will engage participants in a workshop and Happy Planting Day Ceremony that will incorporate drumming, seed paper greeting cards dedicated to deceased ancestors and the planting of African daisies in their honor. Date to be announced.

Organized by Curator of Visual Arts Rachel Raphaela Gugelberger, the Sunroom Project Space is an open call opportunity for New York-area artists to develop and exhibit a site-specific project as a solo show. The 2024 applications were reviewed by a panel of arts professionals including Kiara Cristina Ventura, writer, curator and founder of the roving curatorial platform Processa; Jacq Groves, 2023 Sunroom Project Space interdisciplinary artist and educator; and Gugelberger.

  • Dario Mohr

    Headshot Dario Mohr SPS24 Photo Sophia Elizabeth

    Dario Mohr

    Dario Mohr is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and non-profit leader. A first-generation Grenadian and U.S. citizen with West African and Italian heritage, he is based in New York City. Mohr works across painting, sculpture, installation, digital art and film to create “sacred spaces” that reference his heritage and comment on the cultural zeitgeist through immersive experiences. He earned a BFA in painting from Buffalo State College, an MFA in studio art from The City College of New York and an Advanced Certificate in Art Education from Queens College. Mohr is the Founding Director of AnkhLave Arts Alliance, Inc., a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the recognition and representation of BIPOC artists in contemporary art.

    Learn more about the artist at

    Photo: Sophia Elizabeth

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